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How to choose the correct floorball stick hooking?

Sitck hooking is determined according to the hand that is holding the sitck lower.

Correct length of the stick

Recommended stick lengths:

Player's heightStick length without the blade
110 cm 50-55 cm
115 cm 50-55 cm
120 cm 60-67 cm
125 cm 60-67 cm
130 cm 70-77 cm
135 cm 70-80 cm
140 cm 80-82 cm
145 cm 80-82 cm
150 cm 85-87 cm
155 cm 85-90 cm
160 cm 90-92 cm
165 cm 90-92 cm
170 cm 91-95 cm
175 cm 95-96 cm
180 cm 95-98 cm
185 cm 95-103 cm
190 cm 100-103 cm
> 195 cm 103-105 cm

The length of the stick should reach up to the bellybutton. The correct length is important in order to get control over the ball and for accurate shot. Of course it is up to you what stick length you choose, however here are some reasons why the stick length is important for players:

Long stick:

  1. slow work with the ball
  2. poor shooting
  3. the ball is far from the body

Short stick:

  1. short range
  2. risk of back injury

Correct stick hardness

The correct hardness should help you to get the best out of the stick. For example if you choose shaft too hard then it should be, the stick will not bend that much when shooting and the shoot is slower. The bigger your power is the harder the stick should be. In the contrary if you choose a too soft shaft, it will bend too much and the blade contorts and the shoots go incorrect dirrection.

The hardness of floorball sticks is marked by numbers from 23 to 40. This number states the milimetres by which the stick will bend under force of 300 N, therefore load of weight of 30kg. The higher hardness number the softer the stick is and the more it will bend when shooting; and then the lower the number is the harder the stick is and will not bend when shooting or pass on.

Recommended stick hardnesses according to the weight:

Player's weightStick hardness
0-50kg 32-40mm
50-60kg 30-32mm
60-75kg 27-30mm
75-90kg 25-27mm
Over 90kg 23-25mm

Correct blade hardness

Blades are divided in three categories according to the material hardness that are blades made of:

Soft blade - great control and manageability of the ball, suitable for more technical players, ideal for strikes by pulling, smooth pass on. Choice for players that like to play with the ball and also for shooting from a closer distance. When shooting by percussion the tip of the blade can "contort" and the shoot is not accurate. Mark on the blade is SB.

Medium-hard blade - most used type of the blade, which preserves great control over the ball and also allows sharp shooting. Universal hardness for most players. Ideal for combination of technical style and shooting by wrist or pulling. For occasional golf shooting.

Hard blade - blade from hard material allows harder shoot by percussion, does not contort and can stay in its production shape for longer time. Hard material requries skill in receiving pass on, because the ball tends to bounce. Ideal for hard shooting by percussion from longer distance. Mark on the blade is HB.

Stick material

When choosing a stick material that the stick is made of is decisive, because in particular it determines the total weight of the stick. Stamina of the sticks is always the same, whether it is base composite material or more expensive carbon material. At more expensive materials the lower weight that brings better control over the ball is adding on the costs.


Composite material is the base material for floorball sticks. It is characterized by its durability and strength.


The most of the floorball sticks are made from carbon. Even when carbon or graphite is stated in the description, it always contains mixture of composite with carbon. At most expensive and lightest sticks this ration is 85% of carbon and 15% of composite. Carbon is characterized by low weight during maintaining high strength. Carbon also has a great progress of exertional curve, which means that the product made of carbon ages slowly due to exertion. Carbon perfectly absorbs bumps and shocks which you can feel when shooting by percussion when minimum of energy is returned back to your palms.


Player's height
Player's weight

Stick shortening

If you choose a stick that is currently not available in your size we will shorten it free of charge! All you need to do is write in order note the length that is requried. The note can be found in the fourth step of the cart (Order overview).
The rules: